Call For Admissions : +91-7909472032 | CBSE Affiliation Upto 10+2 (till 2023) - 1031012

Acharya Vidyasagar Public School

” AVPS means Acharya Vidyasagar Public school, is an educational institute blessed by Goddess of wisdom Ma Swarswati. We are the disciple of Achraya Shrestha Sant Shiromani 108 Shri Vidyasagar Ji Mahamuniraj.Vidya means Wisdom, Sagar means Ocean. It is an ocean of wisdom where we shape the future of nation ” … Read more

The school

AVPS means Acharya Vidyasagar Public school, is an educational…

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In AVPS academics play crucial in student life. Our main motive is developing knowledge. 

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In AVPS sports is aimed at developing fundamental skills and give refreshment...

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In AVPS other activities plays an important role in developing fundamental skills...

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From the Desk of principal

True education is to transcend beyond the cordons of information and leading to the advancement of knowledge… Read more


  • Meditations on Shiva
  • The Namokar Mantra
  • National Anthem 


  • Akash – 10th – 15th Rank
  • Amita – 10th – 19th Rank
  • Mukesh – 10th – 23th Rank


  • Summer – 07:30 – 01:45pm
  • Winter – 08:30 – 02:45pm
  • Principal Meeting 10 – 1pm

संत शिरोमणि आचार्य गुरुदेव विद्यासागर जी एवं मुनि पुंगव सुधासागर जी महाराज के आशीर्वाद और प्रेरणा से जैन संस्कृति को युगों युगों तक जीवंत रखने वाला ज्ञान के अनुपम तीर्थ श्री दिगम्बर जैन श्रमण संस्कृति संस्थान... ” … Read more

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