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From the Desk Of Principal

From the desk of principal

Dear Parents,


“What sculpture to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.”- Joseph Addison.

True education is to transcend beyond the cordons of information and leading to the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth. Hence to accomplish this goal, Educators set three different objectives for students, namely:

The cognitive domain, which involves knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking.

The psychomotor domain, which is the ability to physically manipulate tools/instruments.

The effective domain, which describes the way people react emotionally and their sensitivity to other’s feelings.

The first two domains are taken care of through the regular curriculum of the school, but the need of the hour is to develop greater compassion and understanding among young learners today. In other words, it is the effective domain that we need to stress upon in today’s rapidly growing society. The focus is on the development of behavior and skills.

Sensitivity, together with adherence to social norms, can bring about a positive change in the social fabric of our nation and propel us further on the path of progress.

Advancement in technology has added a new dimension to the learning process by readily providing knowledge at our fingertips which is just a click away. The ICT system provides direct and closer interaction between parent, student, and teacher. Assessment grades and report cards are immediately accessible to parents. The wide spectrum of sports and cultural facilities will provide ample scope for identifying and developing each student’s skill and overall personality.

Acharya Vidyasagar Public School is undertaking the task of implementing new ideas. It stands out like flowers in a swamp with the determination to think up. Innovation and success in our system focus on the gamut of activities leading to the holistic development of the individual. Success is the journey, not the destination. Together, we can achieve the success we have dreamed of for our little blooming buds.




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