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About Avps

About School

AVPS means Acharya Vidyasagar Public school, is an educational institute blessed by Goddess of wisdom Ma Swarswati. We are the disciple of Achraya Shrestha Sant Shiromani 108 Shree Vidyasagar Ji Mahamuniraj. Vidya means Wisdom, Sagar means Ocean. It is an ocean of wisdom where we shape the future of nation. The young buds of tomorrow will not only get the worldly knowledge, but by the inspiration of Muni Pungav Shree 108 Sudha Sagar Ji Maharaj, who is showering nectar of his blessing, will get the spiritual knowledge too. We are the followers of Muni Pungav Shree 108 Sudha Sagar Ji Maharaj, who is leading us, guiding us to prepare destiny maker with holistic development.

Why Avps ?

 As we are the disciple and followers of spiritual guru, we believe in shaping the future of young minds.
We are not only providing academic knowledge but also giving them moral values.
As in today’s era, moral value are declining, we are by the blessing of our
spiritual gurus and under the guidance the well versed leaders, preparing the
children to lead the nation. We don’t want to produce ranker, we produce
achievers. Our students are ready to accept any challenge. We believe in skill
development. We are providing all kinds of practical knowledge to understand
and enhance their thinking. We are pledged to provide the wings to the highly
enthusiastic young birds of nation towards right path.

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